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Rieser are an Edinburgh/Dundee Rock quartet who have supported The View and The Young Knives, as well as being one of Music News Scotland’s Top 4 Artists last year. Musically they sound like a number of bands all at once, without copying any one too closely. It’s good indie-rock through and through. Chris Blair’s voice is crystal clear and poignant, the guitars are brilliantly understated, and it all just sounds so damn accomplished.
Current Album
Current Album
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RIESER // Drinking Den EP

 Track NameArtistPlayPriceBuy
Drinking Den
Rieser £0.79
The Actor
Rieser £0.79
Call Me Round
Rieser £0.79
The Ringmaster
Rieser £0.79


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Drinking Den EP - Digital Album

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Price: £2.49


The Well Dressed Thief

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